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I initially started writing this book as a poem, then my songwriter persona said, “This could be a cool song too.” 

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"Can We Go Out And Play?" is now the Richard Wright Award Winning selection for Best Children's Fiction.


“Can We Go Out and Play?” is my special gift to children everywhere. So go outside and have FUN! This book has many of the outdoor activities that I used to play when I was a child. We’re talking about racing with friends, riding the merry-go-round, and playing hopscotch with my sisters. On a windy day, you can fly a large, colorful kite or go super high on a swing set.


As you open this book, you will see that this is a Patten Sonnet poem with fourteen lines to include three subgroups, and three quatrains, followed by a couplet. I used the ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GH structures. You will also see that this is a Patten song with chords and notes to sing and play along to.


During this digital and technology boom, I hope parents encourage their children to go outside and play with friends. It’s wonderful exercise and it builds social skills. Even at my age, my inner child is bursting to get outside and have some fun. So go ahead and read “Can We Go Out and Play?” with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Let your inner child read and sing with exuberance. Allow the children to experience the imagery, feel the rhythm, and enjoy the clever rhymes. Go outside and play the games highlighted in this book. Enjoy the sights and sounds of children hysterically laughing and screaming with glee. Sing “Can We Go Out and Play?” with confidence and playful charm – be transformed. 

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Can We Go Out and Play Lyrics
Can We Go Out and Play Lyrics

Verse 2:

I’ve got my bike, that’s right! Let me take a bow. I can ride all day in the park. I’ve got my brand-new bike, no one can stop me now. I can have more fun before dark.

I wanna jump, jump, jump with my new jump rope. I’ll go fast, then I’ll go slow. I wanna jump, jump – even double-dutch I hope. Switching my feet as I go.

I’ve got a new soccer ball, so let’s kick it around. Kick it just right, watch it roll. I’ve kicked my cool soccer ball and I fell to the ground – I got up and scored us a goal.

(To Chorus:)

Verse 3:

I can hold my breath – swim from end to end. I’m having some fun in the pool. I can hold my breath – splish-splash with my friends. It’s crazy – and it’s so cool!

I wanna play see-saw - just hold on tight. Hey, let’s go up and down. I wanna play see-saw – oh what a sight. My head is spinning around.

I’ve got my kite and string – I am ready to sail. My kite is high with the breeze. I’ve got my kite and string, just look at the tail. Hey, watch out for the trees.


(To Chorus:)

Verse 4:

Get ready, set, go! We start to run – and the wind is all in my face. Get ready, set, Go! This is so much fun. Come on everyone – let’s race.

I wanna shoop, shoop here and shoop, shoop there. It’s easy with my Hula Hoop. I wanna shoop, shoop here. Use two if you dare. It’s easy – let’s get in a group.

Push or pull, come and jump on in. My wagon is ready to go. Push or pull, can you see my grin. My wagon goes fast and slow.

(End With Chorus)

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