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About the Author

My name is Warren W. Patten Jr., and I am a poet, songwriter, jingle writer, and now an Award-Winning Author. This book won the Richard Wright Literary Award for Best Children's Fiction. 

My first published book is title “Father Knowts: Being a Better Father on Purpose”, a knowtbook that encourages fathers and sons to talk more and write down the key lessons learned from each discussion and each experience. It is all about shaking the trees of tradition and bringing the family closer together. Readers have shared that “Father Knowts” is beneficial for building relationships with their daughters as well.

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I have always been a fan of children’s picture books. As an adult, I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book and finally – dreams do come true. Once upon a time, there were no video games, no cell phones, no computers, and no social media to trap my siblings and me in the house. We always asked our parents – “Can We Go Out And Play?”. Which is why I named my first children’s picture book this. Many outdoor games and activities have always been fun and exciting.

I'd love to connect with my readers and families so be sure to fill out the contact form here:

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